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Award Of Total Vet Contract

Award of Total Vet Contract

We are pleased to announce that Analytic Eye Ltd has been awarded the contract to redevelop Total Vet software by Quality Milk Management Services Ltd (QMMS).  The Total Vet software enables vets and consultants to upload data, such as milk recordings and body condition, straight from the farm database, providing ongoing monitoring of herd health and production as well as initial diagnosis of herd health disorders. The software includes models to predict the probability of cure from antibiotics, based on research by Prof. Andrew Bradley of Nottingham University and QMMS. The information from these models can inform treatment decisions, providing an important tool for targeted use of antibiotics in agriculture.

The software development work involves in-depth data analysis for animal and herd health including Mastitis diagnostics. It will also feature reporting and visualizations to allow exploration of the key diagnostic indices by Vets. The software is designed to be cross-platform and run data processing and calculations locally to the machine in use, delivering robust performance without dependency on network availability.

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